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Vacuum seal bags for limiting food waste and keeping foodstuffs fresh longer.
Kit includes : 5 BAGS 1.3L + 5 BAGS 3L + 1 VACUUM PUMP.
The vaccum pump:
Easy to use: a small electric pump to vacuum seal smart bags.
Compact, it doesn't take much space in cupboards.

The bags:
Optimize storage and save space in the kitchen. Food is kept fresh with no odor thanks to the double zipper.
Economical and ecological: the bags can be handwashed and reusable. Freezer safe: they prevent freezer burn.
Innovative: QR code stickers are available to mark your smart bags and to help keep an eye on their storage date.
You can use these bags with the Stor'eat application thanks to the QR codes to stick provided. You will be able to keep an eye on the conservation and storage of these smart bags.

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Kit includes : 5 BAGS 1.3L + 5 BAGS 3L + 1 VACUUM PUMP.
Charger included
Reusable bags
Compatible with the Stor'eat app
Resistant to extreme temperatures from -4 ° C to 100 ° C

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