A new design and a temperature measurement that is as accurate as ever!

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  • The m° classic family is expanding and m° classic + completes the range with its new design and ever more powerful functions.

    In the kitchen, the difference between the medium and the sublime is sometimes a matter of degree, especially when it comes to baking or precise cooking.

    It's all done thanks to the Mastrad m°classic+ induction-compatible probe, which allows you to control the cooking of food in manual or pre-programmed mode, with temperature control between 0°C and +210°C.

    The probe allows you to pre-program your type of meat (beef, pork,chicken, veal, lamb, fish) and your favourite cooking (rare, mediumrare, medium, done and well done). The remaining time displayed on the screen, allows you to control cooking and gives you peace of mind

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    New design Compatible with oven, barbecue, induction Programming of warning temperatures 0°C +210°C (32°F and 410°F) Cable length: 1m Batteries: 1 AAA included Magnetic back
  • Sponge wash
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