Weigh the ingredients to the nearest gram with the Mastrad stainless steel scale.
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  • If there is one utensil to choose in the kitchen, it is the scale. It must be ultra precise, especially for baking. Its "tare" must be adjustable to weigh ingredients in series. It must also be durable, light, easy to store and clean. This is the spitting image of this brushed stainless steel scale with an extra flat design. To these qualities, we added the backlighting for reading comfort, and the choice between g/kg and oz/lb for fans of Anglo-Saxon recipes. Our stainless steel scale can weigh up to 5 kilos of food (over here, chubby capons!)
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    Backlit screen Reliable and accurate measurement 4 non-slip feet Washable with a sponge Instructions for use included 2 CR2032 3V batteries included 3 colors of bottom plate
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