For a professional flambé of your favourite desserts, meat or fish!
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  • - The cooking torch Exepert + is the perfect tool for caramelizing crème brûlées and desserts, meringuing pies and creams, peeling tomatoes or peppers, browning meats and flaming scallops.

    - Connect your torch head to a universal gas refill, then turn on and adjust the flame intensity to suit your needs.

    - Professional efficiency: its powerful flame allows you to easily make crème brûlées, brown your meats, color your meringues or cook your fish in Tataki.

    - Anti-flickering function: tilt the or turn it upside down, the flame does not flicker!

    - Easy to use: press the button once to get a continuous flame. There is no need to hold the trigger down.

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    - Compatible with Mastrad 220G gas cartridge (F46396 and F46396S)
    - Instructions included
    - 2 years warranty
    - Adjustable flame
    - Continuous flame

  • Washing with a sponge
  • 2 ans