The perfect kit for caramelizing, peeling tomatoes and peppers, browning meats or flaming in a flash.
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  • A Mastrad kitchen Torch and its remarkable simplicity of use + a 90ml gas refill: it is the basis for making all the delights born of the flame in your home. From crêpe Suzette to the impressive Norwegian omelette, from scallops flambéed with cognac to the timeless crème brûlées, let your delicacy express itself!
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    Contains : - 1 Mastrad kitchen blowtorch with adjustable flame and removable holder with childproof lock (capacity: 11,2ml; autonomy: up to 30 min) - 1 universal butane gas refill for torches and lighters of 90ml (= 7 refills, i.e. about 7 hours of autonomy); refill also available in 250ml version Removable base and child safety
  • Warning: do not leave within reach of children Spong wash Included notice
  • 2 years