Vanilla raspberry macaroons

For 4 persons
Preparation time : 4 h
Cooking time : 45 min


For the shells: 

90 g sugar 

80 g almond powder + 80 g powdered sugar

1 pinch of red food coloring powder

75 g room temperature egg whites

For the filling: 

110 g white chocolate

100 g liquid cream

2 vanilla beans

Raspberry jam


1/ Make the shells: in a mixer, beat the egg whites at medium speed. When the mixture becomes frothy, add half of the caster sugar and continue to beat at medium speed until you have a nice bird's beak. Add the remaining caster sugar and food coloring and increase the mixer speed to maximum until the mixture is smooth and glossy. 

Mix the powdered sugar and almond powder and sift through a sieve (this step is important, don't neglect it!). Add this sifted powder to the mixture slowly and gently with a spatula. This is called macaroni and it's what makes for beautiful, smooth shells! Your mixture is ready when a ribbon forms when you lift the spatula. 

Place the macaroon tray on a rack and form the shells on it using a piping bag. Tap the grid against the work surface to remove any air bubbles. 

Bake the shells for 12 minutes at 150°C. Let them cool before removing them from the baking sheet. 

2/ Make the vanilla ganache: bring the cream to the boil with the vanilla pods and let it infuse for a few minutes. Pour the hot cream over the white chocolate in three batches, emulsifying well with a spatula. Cover the ganache with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. 

3/ Assemble the macaroons: fill the shells with ganache using a piping bag, leaving a hollow in the middle to add a little raspberry jam.

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