The solution to making poached eggs like a chef!
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  • Make poached eggs without difficulty with Mastrad silicone pouches. They ensure that the eggs are cooked evenly and optimally: simply break an egg in the bag and place it floating on the water, covered with the lid of the pan. Once ready, easily remove the pouches from the water with the handles (without burning yourself and without losing the eggs). No need for a spoon! Fat-free, this cooking ensures an optimal result and a round and perfect shape for your eggs. The non-stick and flexible silicone allows easy demoulding. Moreover, it does not distort the taste unlike metal pouches. Without contact with water, your eggs retain their natural aroma. Mastrad pouches are easy to wash and stack, without their removable handles, for optimal storage.
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    100% silicone Resistant to high temperatures Diameter: 9.7 cm Use in a water bath
  • Can be washed with a sponge or in the dishwasher
  • 2 years