A word from the chairman

Dear Friends of Mastrad,


The last few years have been difficult and totally unprecedented as a result of the crisis and its impact on our lives. But thanks to the remarkable efforts of our teams, we have risen to the challenge of overcoming these trials and emerging stronger from them.


During this health crisis, we have spent more time in our homes and kitchens: many of us have gone back to their stoves, rediscovering a taste for cooking and creating delicious cooked and baked food. Culinary passions have come to the fore, and it has been our pleasure to support all these cooks – amateur and professional alike – in this little bubble of escapism.


The results for 2020 and 2021 bear witness to and reflect this powerful trend, and also our agility, as a vindication of the strategic choices we have made. Our passionate, flexible employees are committed to ensuring the continuity of projects and our desire to move towards easier, healthier, more local, more connected, tastier food. 

In just twenty years, Mastrad has become France’s leading brand in innovative, ergonomic kitchen utensils. Building on a solid reputation with the general public and distributors, we are continuing to expand, particularly in the United States – a sensitive market for our growing temperature control segment.

This new focus on the smarter kitchen of the future is being successfully implemented as we pivot towards a business model with a stronger emphasis on digital technology and the professional use of product solutions linked to our innovations.


The coming years will be full of opportunities, driven by an ever-increasing demand for control and traceability across the entire food processing chain – both mass market and professional – with the aim of reducing waste and improving food safety and culinary experience thanks to perfect cooking.


With the growth of the IoT, we will continue to pursue our active strategy of innovation and design focused on new, more digital use cases, making us a key player in the smart home sector.


But we have not forgotten our core market, and over the coming months, we will be proudly introducing dozens of products to make our users’ daily lives easier… and tastier.


The creativity of the men and women who bring Mastrad to life, the power of our products and our technological know-how provide us with the necessary strength to progress together and continue to grow.


I would therefore like to thank all of our shareholders, administrators, customers, partners and talented employees who, each in their own way, contribute to the growth and success of Mastrad.




signature Mathieu Lion

Eligible PEA PME