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Our History


You are undoubtedly familiar with our products, but do you know our history and theirs? From the stainless steel soap that got us started, to our innovative Balancia range, read on to discover how our breakthroughs became kitchen classics.


1994 - 2000

1994: it all begins with a bar of stainless steel soap

Inspired by his experience in the kitchen at Maxim’s, a certain Mathieu Lion decides to invent kitchen utensils truly suited to the cooking methods of his time and founds Mastrad S.A. with Thibault Houelleu. He hits hard with his first product, a bar of stainless steel soap. Named “Deos” and designed by Luka, this retro-futuristic looking tool eliminates persistent odors from chefs’ hands through a natural process that never wears out: redox. The result: an award at the Lépine Competition and instant success.


1996: magma in my hot plate

After changing the way that both professional and amateur chefs wash their hands, Mastrad makes another impression with Magma, a flameless, cordless hot plate. Microwavable, its ceramic core retains heat for one full hour without burning the material around it. The new product receives immediate recognition with a “Discovery Award” at the Maison & Objet trade show.


1997: knives endorsed by the profession

With its Axos range, Mastrad takes on knife ergonomics. The breakthrough design of these impressive blades wins over the French Chef Association. The frenchie small knife range even winds up on display at the famous Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.


1998: why not add some color?

Mastrad launches its range of peelers, Elios, and brings some color to the world of kitchen tools. Its secret weapon: a soft, anti-slip handle, extreme comfort and security, and blades that meet every need (ceramic, double stainless steel, can julienne, work on thin skins, etc.)


1999: silicone enters the kitchen

A material that neither melts nor scratches and can be used for every kind of formal eccentricity? A dream come true for a brand that cares about convenience, sturdiness and esthetics. Mastrad recognizes the advantages of silicone early on and uses it in its designs for the first time. And lo and behold: three awards at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.



2000: a baster that wants to help

Perhaps inspired by the arrival of the new millennium, our designers are particularly creative in 2000. Mastrad patents a vertical sauce baster that separates the fat from the broth and adds a finishing touch to its electronic, preprogrammed and programmable thermo-cooking probe.


2001: an emulsion of emotions

Mastrad sticks its nose into your sauces. How can making salad dressing be easier, faster and more fun with guaranteed results? The Mastrad salad dressing mixer is the answer. Graduations and recipes built into the glass, anti-drip spouts and, above all, a crank handle that emulsifies for you. All it took was some thought.


2002-2003: the glove that changes it all

The Orka silicone glove is a watershed moment in Mastrad’s history. This utensil made of flexible silicone and heat resistant up to 250°C is the first to enable cooks to reach into boiling liquid without getting burned. Practical, sturdy and colorful, Orka is a sensation. Voted best product of the year in the “safety” category by Capital magazine, its success spreads all the way to the UK and the US: the “Excellence” prize at the Housewares Awards, “Innovation of the Year” at the Good Housekeeping Institute and a gold medal at the Gourmet Products Show.


2004: a very cool year

Our soft-bottom ice cream scoop receives the “Design star” awarded by the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation). Our soft-bottomed ice tray also wins the “Lifestyle Grand Prize” at the Maison & Objet trade show.


2005: game-changing molds

Mastrad makes baking simpler and safer with its soft silicone molds equipped with rigid handles. No more risk of spilling the batter before it reaches the oven, or struggling to remove the mold. It’s also a cinch to wash!


2007: hello, America!

Parents discover the Kids range, specially designed to get children excited about cooking by making it fun. At the same time, we found our subsidiary, Mastrad Inc, in the US. A new step and new horizons.


2007: let’s shake up the siphon

With the Mastrad siphon, a future kitchen classic in mousse creation enters the scene. Safe, practical and easy to use, it puts this spectacular professional tool within everyone’s reach. Foie gras espuma, crab cappuccino, raspberry cloud, asparagus mousse, whipped cream and many more lovely and tasty treats to come.


2009: and now for the recipe

To help its customers find inspiration, Mastrad inaugurates a series of cookbooks. Entitled “the indispensables,” the collection includes advice, hints and creative recipes developed by professional chefs using our products. The initiative is awarded several cookbook prizes.



2010: a ceramic watershed

To try the wear-resistant sharpness of a ceramic blade is to fall instantly in love with it. Mastrad launches its range of ceramic knives with ergonomic handles and receives multiple awards along the way. That’s what we call a clear-cut success.


2011: we change the chip

Crunchy and tasty chips, without any fat and with very little effort: it could have remained a fantasy, were it not for the ingenious TopChips. A mandolin, a perforated cooking tray and a microwave oven, and vegetable and fruit chips will never be the same. TopChips is adulated everywhere: a prize at the Birmingham food fair, a “Gourmet Product Award” in California, finalist at the Housewares Design Awards in New York and more.


2012-2013: welcome, Mastrad Baby!

Wanting to simplify life for young parents, Mastrad launches its range of baby utensils, “Mastrad Baby.” From the Babypod with integrated portion cups, to the anti-slip Lil’ Plate, to the Fruti Pot for babies on the move, introducing solids becomes child’s play.


2014: Mastrad Baby hits a home run

One year after its launch, the Fruti Pot receives a prize at the BabyCool trade fair. At the same time, the Drinking Caps are given a Red Dot Award, which recognizes the best international design. Stars already, at such a young age…


2015: an upending idea

Just over 20 years after introducing an amazing little bar of steel soap, Mastrad continues to rethink and reinvent classic kitchen utensils. With its new Balancia range, Mastrad is turning pots on their heads. Bowl, stewpot, saucepan or salad bowl, steamer basket or double boiler: these clever containers can play any role required. Space saving, money saving, convenient, attractive, and more... This innovation is much appreciated by the pros, resulting in an “Interior Innovation Award” in the Cooking category.


2018: the connected revolution

After years of design, Mastrad launches the first entirely wireless cooking probe. meat°it is operated by a free app that is compatible with both smartphones and tablets.


2020 : In an increasingly connected kitchen with an anti-waste approach

With a view to reducing waste, Mastrad has created Stor'eat®: the first intelligent conservation solution with a range of boxes and jars as well as vacuum bags connected to a dedicated mobile application. With better control of its inventory, Mastrad is engaged in giving everyone the means to reduce food waste on a daily basis.

In the same year, a new generation of wirelessly connected cooking probes was launched with Meat°it + to satisfy more and more gourmet food lovers looking for perfect cooking results.