Our History


Mastrad is a French company specialising in the design and marketing of innovative culinary accessories with creative designs. For more than 25 years, we have been bringing “the art of utility” to cooks... everywhere. And we don't plan to stop any time soon!

The Art of Utility since 1994

Mastrad's first product was the revolutionary "Deos” soap, created by our founder Mathieu Lion. A durable and practical object made of steel, capable of eliminating impurities and odours by oxidation-reduction, it was an immediate success – the first in a long line. Ever since then, we have constantly striven to offer you kitchen utensils that are clever, aesthetically appealing, practical, safe and pleasant to use.


Slip us into your apron

From initial idea through every stage of the design process, our product creation philosophy puts our users first. We imagine you at work in the kitchen, and think of ways to simplify your life and make you want to roll up your sleeves and get cooking. We consider all possible applications: lack of space or time, precision, ease of use for children, beginners, professionals, etc. Sometimes it may be a detail no one else has previously thought of, and sometimes it's an entire action that needs rethinking.


Why make it ugly when it could be beautiful?

Mastrad is unique in the way it seeks to combine ingenuity and ergonomics with a genuine sense of aesthetics. We don't see why a useful object can't also be a beautiful one. Attractive, user-friendly shapes, durable and good-looking materials in pretty colours, a practical and washable product: this is our three-pronged design approach. We admit it: we're rather proud of the fact that our creations have won dozens of international awards – and also of the fact that they've been displayed at New York's MoMA. The keen-eyed among you might even have spotted our Deos in the Star Wars saga (yes, really!).


From sketchbook to kitchen

Mastrad products are created in-house, in our Paris offices. When an idea starts to form in the head of Mathieu Lion – or in any other of the company's creative minds – it is usually developed on site by our engineers and designers, then prototyped, tested and re-tested. The product then enters production – which of course means a further round of quality tests.


"Look, Mum! We're on “Top Chef”! 

No doubt you're familiar with our best-selling products, but you may not be aware that they came from us: the Mastrad siphon, the Deos soap, and the silicone oven mitt. Since our initial foundation, we have filed dozens of patents for our inventions, from the rigid handles of our silicone moulds through to the one-handed opening system of our Express pliers.

All in all, Mastrad utensils have received more than sixty awards from kitchen and design professionals, and are valued by amateurs and pros alike. Our creations regularly appear in shows such as France's Top Chef and Le Meilleur Pâtissier, and many influencers regularly take to social media to share recipes created using our utensils with a wide audience. Pretty tasty, wouldn't you say?


So much still to invent... and that's the way we like it

Today, Mastrad has 3 subsidiaries. It operates in France, the United States and Hong Kong, and markets more than 400 product items in over 50 countries, including Europe and the US in particular. Many things have changed since we first started out in the nineties, such as the arrival of FoodTech in recent years, but we – and you – still have an inexhaustible playground to explore in the kitchen with, among other things, better temperature control – the key to tastier and more accurate cooking, and a guarantee of better traceability.