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Caribbean Veal Chops

cote de veau

Difficulty: Simple

Budget: € 

Preparation 5 mn / Cooking time 45 mn

Serves 6 people



Ingredients :

-  4 veal chops

- 1 Tb Kosher salt

- 2 Tsp dried oregano

- ½ Tsp powdered garlic

- ½ Tsp powdered onion

- 9 oz/250 gr mango jam

- 4.5 oz/125 gr Ketchup

- 4.5 oz/50 gr butter

- 3 shallots, minced

- 1 crushed garlic

- 1 Tsp Espelette (or cayenne) pepper



Preparation :

1/ Mix the Kosher salt, dry oregano, powdered garlic and onion in a bowl.

2/ Sprinkle this evenly over the meat and rub in thoroughly.

3/ Put the mango jam, ketchup, butter, shallots and crushed garlic in a pan. Heat over medium fire for about 10 minutes, until desired consistency.

4/ Program the application to the “Veal” setting and insert the meat°it probe into the thickest part of a veal chop (without touching the bone).

5/ Over indirect heat on a barbecue or in an oven heated to 350°F/180°C until probe registers about 225°F/125°C.

6/ Glaze the veal chops with half of the mango glaze for another 10-15 minutes.

7/ Remove the meat from the heat once the probe sounds the alert.  Glaze the chops with the rest of the mango mixture.

8/ Then cover with aluminum foil and let the meat stand for 15 minutes before serving.


 Recipes proposed by  Le barbecue de Rafa


Equipment used :