To make professional-looking heart macarons!
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  • You can make perfect heart-shaped macarons every time thanks to this silicone baking sheet! It makes is possible to make 24 heart-shaped macarons. Recesses with filling lines ensure uniform shells and no overspill. Flexible, the baking sheet makes release easy. It is compatible with ovens of all sizes and is heat-resistant to high temperatures (+250°C/482°F ). Practical, it has two different uses: the front side is for making macarons, and the back is a smooth baking mat for making meringues, choux pastry, shortbread, cookies, petits fours, etc.

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    100% premium silicone Heat-resistant to extreme temperatures -40°C/+250°C Heart-shaped macaron cavities on the front; smooth baking mat on the back 24 heart-shaped cavities
  • Washable with a sponge or in the dishwasher.
  • 2 years