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Our creators and designers

Most Mastrad products come to life in the heads of our “in-house” designers and creators. Each of them contributes his or her distinctive style and influences to our attractive, handy designs. Meet the creative minds that make the products you love.

Mathieu Lion

Cooking has always been a pleasure for the founder and CEO of Mastrad. The time he spent in the restaurant business provided him with the inspiration behind Mastrad’s first product in 1994: the stainless steel soap, Deos. Ever since, he has constantly dedicated his prolific creativity to culinary innovation, by developing with Luka the Silicone Oven Mitt, for example. At the origin of most of Mastrad’s products, Mathieu Lion counts on the House’s designers to bring his creations to life.


Lucas Bignon

Present since Mastrad’s birth, Lucas Bignon has two passions in life: the culinary arts, and car design, which was undoubtedly influential in inspiring the shiny, chrome-like curves of the Deos soap bar. But we also owe many of our other remarkable creations to him, such as our range of Elios Swivel Peelers or our Silicone Minute Cookers. A winner of many awards, this talented designer has undoubtedly contributed to transforming cooking utensils into practical works of art.


Marie Buet

The Fruti Pot, the Deco Pocket and the Mini Pies and Ravioli Kit are all gourmet utensils overflowing with joie de vivre and signed by Marie Buet. Inspired by her travels and buoyed by an insatiable curiosity, this multi-talented lady loves to join function and shape in fresh, original creations for adults and children.


Marc Venot

After studying math and physics, Marc Venot turned to industrial design to express his stylish creativity. Influenced by many years spent working for major luxury brands, he designs objects and products in which elegance and functionality move forward hand-in-hand. He designed the Balancia range for us, as well as the Express Tongs and the Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer.


Anne Tanguy

Hungry for knowledge, Anne Tanguy is one of those creators who find inspiration in absolutely everything around them, from music to ocean waves. She also has an alert mind and a quick wit, as well as the gift of being able to bend constraints and materials to meet the demands of the soft, fluid lines that she designs. We owe the Magma Hot Plate to her, as well as the ClearPull Corkscrew, our Macaron Baking Sheets, the Mastrad Baby Drinking Caps and many others.


Bérengère Suquet

Creative, clever, functional: that’s the design of Bérangère Suquet. This observant mind constantly seeks discovery and innovation; much of her inspiration comes from the years she spent living in India. If you use our Veggie-Slicer, our Stirrers with Straw and Pestle or our Egg Shapers, know that they came to life on “Bérie’s” drawing board.


Pia Tikkanen

Home decoration, cosmetics, perfume, clothing and accessories, fabric prints, illustrations and more. Pia Tikkanen’s Scandinavian talent finds expression in many areas of the visual arts and has not escaped the attention of the biggest brands. She reinvented the apron for us, and designed the attractive and practical Lil’ Placemat from the Mastrad Baby range.